What shoes do you want to match with Korean fashion?Introducing recommended shoes

What shoes do you want to match with Korean fashion?Introducing recommended shoes

What kind of shoes do you want to match with Korean fashion? 

I'd like to answer that question.

 Shoes that cannot be removed in fashion.This time, I will introduce shoes that I want to match with Korean fashion.

 What kind of shoes do you want to match with Korean fashion?

 The shoes you want to match with Korean fashion are as follows.

 ・ Leather shoes



Speaking of Korean fashion, leather shoes and sneakers cannot be removed. 

Especially these days, I recommend shoes that are voluminous or have a little personality. 

If you want to enjoy the mode atmosphere, leather shoes.


If you want to enjoy the street and casual mood, it's best to use sneakers.


 Recommended way to match leather shoes in Korean fashion

When using leather shoes, it is recommended to match them with tucked-in slacks or simple skinny pants.

This is a coordination that matches leather shoes with casual items such as sweatshirts and denim, but by using leather shoes as shoes, it is possible to tighten the coordination.

 If you want a beautiful look to your outfit, or if you want a slightly solid atmosphere, you can use it as an accent to wear it cool.

How to match with recommended sneakers in Korean fashion

 Nowadays, sneakers called voluminous dad shoes are popular.


If you combine such sneakers with slim pants such as skinny pants, the sneakers will be the main character.

You can also pair it with ankle-length pants like the one in this picture.

 The pants are a little thick, but thanks to the ankle length, you can wear voluminous sneakers without feeling uncomfortable.

If you combine thick pants with voluminous sneakers, you will get a slightly unfashionable outfit and it will be difficult to dress, so be careful.


Introducing shoes recommended for Korean fashion


I will introduce what kind of shoes are actually recommended.


Considering the current trends, it can be said that voluminous items are recommended.  


Jacob's warehouse high-top platform sneakers


Jacob's warehouse platform sneakers are voluminous sneakers that are in line with current trends.


The shark sole is characteristic, and it is voluminous and goes well with slim pants such as skinny pants.


The standard brand that everyone wears is highly recommended for those who dislike it or who want voluminous sneakers.


Dud shoes sneakers (SK107)


Sports-style sneakers with a thick sole in the middle of the current trend.


If you are conscious of trends, this is a great item to have.


The price is in the 1 yen range, which is less than 6000 yen, so even those who are still uncomfortable with dad sneakers can say that it is an easy-to-buy shoe.


Platform boots (SK102)



Boot type leather shoes.


Boot-type leather shoes have the effect of making your legs look longer when paired with slim pants.


By all means, if you wear slim pants, it is a shoe that you want to match.


These boots have a shark sole, so despite their simple design, ordinary boots are a distinctive boot.


And since the shark sole has a unique and slightly conspicuous design, you will be able to add sharpness to your outfit.




I have introduced shoes recommended for Korean fashion, but I will summarize the information at the end.


Recommended shoes

  • Leather shoes
  • sneakers

Especially now, I recommend the one with a voluminous feel.


Leather shoes are items that give a beautiful impression, so it is recommended to match them as an accent for fashionable clothes and casual outfits.


Sneakers are easy to match with any outfit.

In the case of voluminous sneakers, you can assemble a Korean-style outfit that matches skinny pants.

Shoes are an item that is the heart of your outfit, so be sure to find your favorite item and enjoy fashion.

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