What kind of style is there in the Korean fashion genre?Which genre is recommended for college and high school students?Introducing recommendations

What kind of style is there in the Korean fashion genre?Which genre is recommended for college and high school students?Introducing recommendations

I think there are various genres of Korean fashion.


So what kind of genre is such Korean fashion this time?


I will introduce what kind of coordination genre suits me, such as high school students and university students.


First of all, the Korean fashion genre can be roughly divided into two categories.4There are two.


・ Casual fashion

·Street fashion

・ Mode fashion

・ Beautiful fashion


Let's see what kind of style it actually is with the outfit.


Casual fashion


Casual fashion, as the name implies, is a casual fashion style.


It's a simple fashion that you can wear without putting pressure on your shoulders, so it's easy to incorporate into your everyday outfits.


If you're aiming for a Korean-style casual outfit, use simple denim and a large size.TIt is recommended to match the shirt and shirt.


If you make a casual outfit with a loose atmosphere like this, it will become a cute Korean outfit.


Please refer toTIf you have a one-point pattern like a shirt, you can make a more Korean outfit.


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Street fashion


Street fashion is fashion that naturally occurs from youth culture.

In particular, there are no rules like this, and the mainstream is to change according to the trend.


However, the popularity of street fashion in Korea has become so high that it gives the impression that Korean fashion = street.


As an image, it is a coordination using black skinny denim and skinny denim with damage processing, and a coordination that is completely black.


If you introduce an example of Korean street fashion, many people will think of the following outfits.

This is a black street outfit using cargo pants.


For those who want a Korean-style outfit, we recommend the outfits introduced above.


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Pants with individuality like these pants are also perfectly compatible with street fashion, and if you can dress them, you will be able to make cool outfits.


These pants are recommended for those who want to coordinate with others who don't want to wear them.


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Mode fashion


Mode fashion is often used in the image of a trendy style that incorporates trends in the sense of being the latest.


Especially when aiming for Korean fashion, it is essential to be aware of trends.


2019Taking the year as an example, the luxury brand Balenciaga's tripleSDad shoes became popular.


For that reason, coordination using such voluminous sneakers for skinny was very popular.


As a recent trend, fashion street fashion is booming, so the boundary between mode and street is blurred, so it's a little hard to imagine, but fashion that incorporates trends. If you can remember, I think that the basic things can be suppressed.


There are many people who make mode coordination using slacks pants as a standard.

 The image is as follows.



The slacks pants are accented with white switching, and the one-tone color scheme is very Korean-style mode coordination.


Tucking in with the brand's belt is also a point that looks more Korean.


For those who want a more Korean mode coordination,


・ Monotone based on black

・ Tuck-in

・ Use a flashy belt


such as3If you are aware of the points, you should be able to easily make a Korean-style mode coordination.

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Beautiful fashion


In beautiful fashion,


The mainstream is a coordination that looks like a shirt matched with a slacks.


It's clean and cool, isn't it?


It is a highly recommended style to wear on a date.


Beautiful recommended shirt →https://www.jacobswarehouse.com/collections/shirt/products/dc106


Wearing a tie is also recommended as it creates a more beautiful atmosphere.


Ties are sold on this page, so please take a look if you like →https://www.jacobswarehouse.com/collections/necktie

We carry a lot of roses and unique designs, so if you want a tie, this is a must-see!


Depending on the tie you wear, you can change the atmosphere from cute to mode, so it's a good idea to change it according to your mood.


Which outfit should I wear if I'm at a loss?


So which genre do you recommend from here?I will introduce what I said.


Basically, it is recommended to wear your favorite genre.


However, I don't know much about Korean fashion yet.


For such people, it is recommended to choose a street fashion genre.


The reason is that I personally feel that I can feel the goodness of Korean fashion.



Especially for young people such as high school students and college students, it is highly recommended to choose a flashy design because you can differentiate yourself from others without spending too much money.



As a standard item to have when doing street fashion, it would be nice to wear slightly unusual pants and slightly unusual sweatshirts.


Street fashion recommended cargo pants →https://www.jacobswarehouse.com/collections/pants/products/p179

Street fashion recommended back print sweatshirt →https://www.jacobswarehouse.com/collections/sweater/products/sw123


On the day you go on a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can try beautiful fashion.


Please wear various outfits according to the situation and age, and enjoy Korean fashion in your own way.


Korean fashion is a very fun fashion because you can enjoy various styles without spending too much money.1I recommend you to buy it and see it!


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