Notice of year-end and New Year business hours and product shipping

This site is open during the year-end and New Year holidays as follows.

We accept orders during the holiday period as usual, but we will not be able to ship products or respond to inquiries (phone / email).

12/28(Tue): Normal shipment

12/29(water)        :holiday

12/30(wood)       :holiday

12/31(Friday / holiday)   :holiday

1/1(Saturday / holiday)       :holiday

1/2(Sunday / holiday       :holiday

1/3(Moon)          :holiday

1/4(fire)          :holiday

1/5After (Wednesday)     : Normal shipping

* Please note that it may be difficult to ship on the same day during the period from 1/5 to 1/6.

* Please note that each delivery company may also be delayed, so even if you specify the arrival date, it may not be possible to deliver on the specified date.

[About shipping products]

12/28 (Tue)) 9:00For subsequent orders, January 1th(water) Will be shipped in sequence.

[About the inquiry window]
For customers who fill out the inquiry form during the holiday period,2022March 1, (water) After that, we will contact you one by one.